Bushnell is a big American brand for outdoor gear and this set of Bushnell All Purpose 7×50 waterproof marine binoculars ticks all the boxes, including a lifetime warranty

Product Overview

Bushnell All Purpose 7×50 waterproof marine binoculars


  • waterproof, built in compass, rugged


  • fiddly battery door for compass light, non secured lens protectors


Bushnell All Purpose 7×50 waterproof marine binoculars review

Bushnell All Purpose 7×50 waterproof marine binoculars

Despite ticking all of the boxes on test these marine binoculars were outperformed by the Bynolyt models, the Konus Tornado and Plastimo Rescue 7 x 50 binoculars.

The supplied carry case has a buffed look to it, but lacks the useful front pocket of the Konus and Plastimo Rescue. The lens protectors are not connected to the binoculars’ body and with no eyelet for lanyard attachment, they’re bound to go missing before long.

The eyepiece protection cap is similar to the Konus in design: a one-piece item with an eyelet built in for attaching to the provided neck strap.

The individual eye adjusters work well and the eye cups fold back for users wearing spectacles.

The built in compass is well damped and the batteries for the compass light are replaceable. The instructions suggest using a ‘thin coin’ to open the battery compartment lid – advice I disregarded, which led me to chew up the slot attempting to open it with an assortment of less suitable tools.

Also, the batteries need to sit one atop the other and tightening the cap tended to move them out of alignment. Eventually it worked fine and it’s not the kind of job you need to do very often, but it could be off putting to the new user.

The rangefinder reticle inside the left-hand lens was very faint with no numbers on the scale. In addition, there was no useful sliding scale to convert the visual measurement into distance or height (as found on the Konus and Plastimo binoculars).

The Bushnell All Purpose Marine binoculars weigh slightly more (100g approx) than the Konus Tornado binoculars and they are waterproof, fogproof and buoyant. In common with the Konus binoculars, there is a tripod mount that is not mentioned in the onboard instruction manual. The rest of the instructions are in good English and go into some detail about usage.

In comparison to the Konus Tornado binoculars, Plastimo Rescue 7x50s and the Bynolyt products, the Bushnell comes in last, but if you do need an illuminated compass and basic reticle inside your sealed, buoyant 7 x 50 binoculars, then this product will do the job and does come with a lifetime warranty.

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Maximum magnification:7
Objective lens diameter:50
Waterproofing:1m submersion for 5min @ 20°C