The this new Tison 12m was designed as the ultimate daysailer but she could well be used for longer hops between ports when occasionally cruising

Product Overview


First look: Tison 12m Mediterranean daysailer

The Tison 12m is a stunning ultra-light daysailer that is intended to strip sailing back to its simplest fundamentals, though with top quality materials and deck hardware being employed.

The boat is designed for easy single-handing, yet has enough space and amenities above and below deck for a larger party.

Naval architect Thomas Tison’s vision is for an ultimate daysailer inspired by the French Riviera’s art de vivre. He says he “spent a lot of time comprehensively reviewing the way boats like this are used.”

The 12m (40ft) overall length was chosen to offer good sailing performance and even allows for long hops between ports when occasionally cruising, even if the nature of the boat means owners are most likely to stay in comfortable accommodation ashore.

At the same time a 4m beam with a lot of flare above the waterline gives plenty of deck space and form stability once heeled, while minimising wetted surface area for light airs performance. Underneath the big sunbeds right aft is a large stowage area for watersports toys such as SUPs, wingfoilers and even a big floating inflatable bathing platform.

Sculpted keel structure is a feature in the lounging area.

A 1.3m-wide companionway gives access to a large interior lounging area that measures almost 4m2 and is well insulated against heat from the Mediterranean sun. The keel structure is engineered to continue up to the deck head, with its shape softened by the use of sculpted timber. This reduces the amount of structure needed in the bottom of the boat, which in turn allows for 1.75m of headroom, despite the boat’s ultra-sleek lines.

Even on a daysailer a proper toilet and bathroom space is a must and the more privacy this has the better. This is provided in a totally separate compartment forward, with access from the foredeck, thus giving maximum privacy and eliminating the need for people to traipse through the saloon.

The high tech timber construction will be an evolution of that of Elida, the recently launched 48ft offshore Tison design. Four layers of sitka spruce will be laid at 45° to each other over a temporary frame of fore-and-aft battens, then stapled together in a way that’s invisible from the inside. This will create an extremely stiff but light structure with a minimum of resin and carbon reinforcement. Final finish can be a high gloss varnish similar to Elida, a varnish with other tints that has the potential to look very striking, or conventional paint.

Tison 12m specifications

Hull length: 11.98m / 39ft 3in
Beam: 4.05m / 13ft 3in
Draught (keel down): 2.7m / 8ft 11in
Displacement: 3,700kg / 8,160lb
Price: POA

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