Team movistar has been forced to shed weight off keel to compensate for new keel rams 1/2/06

Following the replacement of her damaged titanium keel hydraulic rams the VOR70 movistar was found to be overweight.

According to Team movistar the heavier weight of the stainless rams in relation to the titanium ones they’ve replaced, has forced the team to shed some weight off the bulb to meet the Volvo Open 70 Rule.

Bouwe Bekking, skipper commented: “During the measurement done this morning we have seen she was 5 kilograms over the maximum weight allowed by the organization. Such small number shows almost an 0,003 per cent of the total weight, so we can admit we have fit it really good. Anyway, this gap has forced us to take 5 kilos out before the berthing. At the moment we will refit it, we will be right on the measurement and we could sail tomorrow.”

The aim now is get back in to training as soon as possible. Pepe Ribes (bowman) chatting about the re-launch process added: “The first thing after stepping the mast was to check that the keel hydraulics were working. Early Wednesday morning, we will conduct a more detailed system check to move the keel before the first training session. The idea is to set off about 1100 this morning and sail for about four hours. Basically, we will train next Saturday’s inshore in the regatta waters, checking sails and that everything is perfect.”

Interestingly parts of the titanium hydraulics discarded by the Team movistar have been snapped up by Pirates of the Caribbean. Fred Barret, manager of the Spanish boat’s shore team, concluded: “They asked us if they could use the parts of the hydraulic arms that we are not going to use, for their hydraulic system, and, of course, we said yes. We are not sure if they will finally be of any good to them, but if they can put them to better use than us, then go ahead.”