What's in store for Day 6 - Matthew Sheahan reports


Once again poor visibility is a feature of this morning, the misty conditions shrouding the several hundred local fishing boats that are engaged in their daily sweep.
Talk of the morning is of the light and variable conditions and whether this will affect racing. Early indications suggest it will.
But there is another issue at stake, that of the longer term forecast, especially for the Tornado sailors with code zero sails. Making the right call on the weather could make the difference between being at the front or the back of the fleet �” literally.

Hereâ??s this morningâ??s weather forecast from GBR meteorologist Libby Greenhalgh:

An unstable low pressure system centred to the SW of the area maintains a light to gentle E airflow.

Conditions this morning at 0800 are cloudy with decreasing visibility �” less than 2 km and a variable wind.

There is a large thunderstorm to the W that will gradually track over the area to provide heavy rain and wind from N through to the SW and anywhere from calm to 15 KT

A tricky day! The thunderstorm should track through this morning and then a light ESE breeze will slowly develop building to 06KT by 1500 �” but most likely a postponement will be used today

The 49ers are back on the water, racing close to the shore on course A. Based on yesterdayâ??s weather, when conditions get light, this course is the most likely to have some breeze given itâ??s proximity to the shore where the influence of the city draws in the breeze.

The board sailors will be looking to reach the half way stage in their series although such light forecast conditions, and the fact that they are further offshore, doesnâ??t bode well.

The same fate could be in store for the Lasers and Laser Radials. Given Penny Clarkâ??s success in the light and shifty conditions, she will doubtless be among those willing the racing to take place.

On course E, the furthest out to sea, the Finns and Ynglings will take a step closer to crunch time. These two fleets have three races to complete before the medal race on Saturday which means that even if both races happen today, tomorrowâ??s (Friday) reserve day will be used in an attempt to complete the series.

Even if none of the remaining races take place, the medal race still happens on Saturday.

Keeping your head in the heat of the moment has proved tricky for some, but for Norwegian Finn sailor Peer Moberg, his alleged hot-headed behaviour on the water yesterday will take him into the protest room for a Rule 69 hearing this afternoon. Canadian Finn sailor Chris Cook has claimed he was been subject to serious abuse and threats from the Norwegian sailor after a mark rounding incident in race 7 yesterday.

The Dutch team will be using their conventional kite for the Tornado racing which starts on Friday. The forecast for unusual and breezy conditions has meant a change of heart in the Dutch camp. The American team has declared its small code zero sail. With the forecast breeze in the teens, itâ??s anybodyâ??s guess which sail will prove to be the better choice.


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