What's in store for Day 2? Matthew Sheahan reports



The Finns and Ynglings are out for their second day but on a different race course, further out to sea. With tide playing such a big part of yesterday’s race and light winds forecast again, those less used to the conditions and race course areas will be facing another steep learning curve. Expect frequent shuffles in the pack during the two races.

The 49ers have their first race today on the inshore course with three races planned. UK sailors Stevie Morrison and Ben Rhodes will be watched closely by British supporters. Having been the most dominant team in the fleet during the last two years, the pressure’s on. Popular opinion is that the Spanish crew, Iker Martinez and Xabi Fernandez are the ones who will place the most pressure on the Brits.

As far as medal history is concerned, Spain have one Gold and Britain a Silver and Bronze in this fleet.


This morning’s weather forecast from GBR meteorologist Libby Greenhalgh:

A day of light to gentle winds expected with hazy sunshine.

A SE 04-07 KT is expected for Sunday’s racing with the tide just beginning to ebb (go east) at the start of the first race and continue to ebb for the remainder of the day.


The Tornado issue regarding code zero sails rumbles on as measurement of the fleet continues. As the days roll by each team has to place its cards on the table and decide on whether to take a code zero instead of a conventional kite. If the breeze gets up above 11 knots this could be a risky strategy so there will be plenty of pressure on weather teams to make accurate predictions. Measurement finishes on Wednesday.


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