It may not be the starstudded MedCup circuit, but sailing TP52s at Cowes week is just as adrenaline-filled

‘Sailing downwind at 20 knots is something everyone should experience!’ beamed YW’s Technical Editor Matt Sheahan after racing on ‘Cutting Edge’ today. The Henri-Lloyd branded team managed a credible 3rd in some lively Solent conditions. But it was interesting comparing the difference with those racing on the Audi Medcup circuit against those here, modified to compete under IRC. ‘It’s great to witness this ‘second life’ of the 52s – with upwind reaching and downwind scorching it’s a very different sport to the windward/leeward original intentions of the class. But it sends out an excellent message: these boats can be a lot of fun for amateurs too. With just two ‘professionals’ on Cutting Edge, it’s a great opportunity for many to experience what these boats can do? something that often gets missed on ex-Grand Prix boats that normally just become hospitality vessels.’ With under 30 seconds separating today’s winners ‘Ran’ from second placed ‘Rio’ the TPs continue to make a captivating spectacle wherever they race.