A break between rounds, but when does it all start again

Round Robin 1 is now over, well nearly. The weather delays of the first round have meant that there is just one more race to go between the two Italian teams. This race will take place at the beginning of Round 2 which starts on Tuesday next week (Oct 22).

Until then, most of the teams are getting ready, two boat tuning and tweaking and considering their position on the scoreboard and what they’ve got to do to improve.

In the meantime, get ahead with your work and make friends with the boss because from 22 October to 11 November you’ll need a few excuses for arriving late after you’ve stayed up late to get the results. Rest assured, with one team going home at the end of this round and a few who are further down the table than they might have previously expected, there’s plenty to fight for as the teams scramble for points and there will be plenty of reasons to stay up late.

There’s everything to play for, everything to lose and a few teams who could be on the verge of some surprising successes.

Get some sleep while you can.