Boats and foils take a beating on the solo New York- Vendée race

Clues to Olympic form at Weymouth

Two-year cycle for the Americas Cup?



New yachts: Stunning SW96 and SW105; lift-keel Feeling; Contest 84

New gear: MOB beacon on your smartphone; battery monitors, plus a review of an ultra survival suit



The 100ft sweet spot: 100-footers are the new go-to size for regatta sailing, believes Southern Wind, as it held a 25th anniversary regatta off Capri



The Atlantic return: West to east across the Atlantic can be tough, as ARC Europe crews found out. We meet them in the Azores

Moroccan adventure: A bit off the beaten track, but a great place for some winter cruising, Morocco offers Rachel Sprot a very different experience

Rocking in Rio: A swift visit to the Brazilian port for carnival offers the chance to test the water- literally



Contest 42CS: A tour of the family-run Contest Yard gives us the chance to test the marvellously complete 42CS during a mini cruise



Special report: Can you rely on GPS? Wise cruisers, be prepared

Extraordinary boats: Hugo Boss; One of the latest generation of IMOCA 60s with foils, Alex Thomson’s Hugo Boss is a contender to win the Vendée Glove solo race

Short-handed sailing: Pip Hare on hoisting the kite without crew

Weather briefing:  Chris Tibbs explains El  Niño/El Niña weather

Get out of that: Giles Scott on how to escape a traffic jam



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Skip Novak

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