In Yachting World August 2022 issue we talk to one of the biggest names on the offshore racing scene, Kevin Escoffier and take a look around his brand new foiling IMOCA 60, PRB –  which looks like it could well be a bit of a weapon…

At the opposite end of the yacht spectrum Toby Hodges tests out the new Pilot Classic 47 a, stunning combination of traditional lines and up-to-the minute boat building technique.

Plus we get advice from expert sailmakers on downwind set up, consider how best to make a living onboard,  and much more.


Vendée Arctique IMOCA 60s storm-bound off Iceland

Round the Island Race hat-trick for Dark’N’Stormy

Pacific nations start to reopen to cruising sailors


Downwind sailing

Sailmakers give expert advice on how to set up your boat for smooth, stress-free downwind sailing

Pearl of the Pacific

The Gambier Archipelago of French Polynesia enchants with its reefs, lagoons and black pearl oysters

Sailing’s greatest show

It’s billed as the most spectacular show in sailing, but does SailGP deliver? We talk to key players to find out

Profile: Kevin Escoffier 

He was famously rescued mid-ocean in the last Vendée Globe, but there is much more to this remarkable sailor’s story

New gear and yachts

Boat test: Sometimes looks really matter… and the Pilot Classic 47 is a sweet harmony of classic lines and modern build

Long-distance yachts with electric propulsion

Recyclable lithium batteries you can service and repair

Practical features

Special report

How to make a living while cruising

Extraordinary boats

Foiling IMOCA 60 PRB


Pip Hare on making your first solo sail

5 expert tips

Using race rules to the best advantage

Taking ownership

Buying a used boat to win under IRC