In this month’s sustainability special, we take a closer look at Jimmy Cornell’s new zero-carbon cruiser, examine the alternatives to teak, and explain the eco-friendly upgrades you can make to your yacht.


Jean-Luc Van Den Heede wins prestigious cruising medal

America’s Cup teams reach agreement on wind ranges

Francis Joyon smashes the tea clipper record


Change for the better

Time to upgrade? Discover ways to future-proof your yacht that improve life on board and are kinder to the planet

Zero-carbon cruiser

Cruising guru Jimmy Cornell is building an electric catamaran to circumnavigate the world without fossil fuels

Hidden talents

British Columbia is famed for its landscapes, but there’s a rich community of boatbuilders dotting its creeks too

Bold first impressions

Beneteau’s new First 53 has taken the famed First marque into the competitive sector of luxury performance


How to prepare for nearly anything: Vicky Ellis looks at chafe, rig problems and how to keep your crew on side

New gear and yachts

Could boats be built from rocks or plants in the future?

New yacht launches at Düsseldorf from Contest, Bavaria, Dufour… and more

Real world alternatives to the use of teak on boat decks

Practical features

Special report

The threat posed by sargassum weed

Extraordinary boats

Refitted Quarter Ton winner BLT

Navigation briefing

Chris Tibbs on an eastbound Atlantic crossing

Masterclass with Pip Hare

Packing for a transatlantic

5 expert tips

Justin Slattery explains how to run the pit

Cover picture

The Beneteau First 53, as tested by Matthew Sheahan. Photo: Gilles Martin-Raget