Your home to explore the world’s most remote places: Outremer’s latest bluewater catamaran delivers style, safety and speed in just 52 feet

“Trustability” was the word that Caroline and Magnus Tallqvist used to describe Franny, their brand new Outremer 52 – the first hull of Outremer’s latest design. “Trust that it will keep us safe. Trust that it will take us fast where we need to go. Trust that it’s solid, repairable, and environmentally respectful. Trust in the Outremer brand,” they explained.

Outremer catamarans have a reputation for striking the delicate balance between comfort, safety and performance. With the launch of the 52, Outremer has once again raised the bar for the bluewater catamaran sector, elevating an already well-proven concept with their latest addition

The Outremer 52 was specifically designed to be accessible, dependable, and easy to handle. To achieve this, as with all Outremers, the core design concepts of the 52 were born from extensive feedback from the Outremer ‘family’ – the community of existing owners. Features such as the secure closed – but openable – access to the sugar scoop, the ability to sail and steer the boat entirely from the enclosed cockpit, and the sense of flow throughout the boat are significant improvements in design. They were born from the real life stories and experiences of the diverse Outremer family that is involved in bluewater catamaran ownership: parents, partners, children, racers, cruisers and even people brand new to sailing.

The 52 is built for purpose: to turn bluewater cruising dreams into reality. A home for boundless adventures, she is safe and stable enough to live in for long periods of time. The beauty and magnificence of the surroundings pours in through a fully opening window at the galley, creating a deep connection with the natural world.

The sumptuous saloon seating and generously sized watch-keeping station makes the interior as practical as it is luxurious, while the pivoting helm and 360-degree visibility through front and side windows, topside portholes and a sliding door offers a means of steering the boat entirely protected from the elements, meaning no compromise needs to be made between seamanship, safety and comfort.

To buy a bluewater catamaran is to buy freedom: the means to a new way of life. Recognising the practicalities this demands, Outremer have included a modular port forward cabin which they call My Free Space. Fully customisable to suit the owners’ needs, it can be a double cabin, an office with bunk beds or a folding workshop bench, a dressing room or a child’s cabin. The 52 can be a trustworthy companion for couples, families, or solo sailors – delivering everything their bluewater cruising lifestyles demand.

Many of the improvements have been made possible by the acquisition of the high-end catamaran builder Gunboat in 2016 by Outremer’s parent company Grand Large Yachting. This brought engineering resources, innovation and experience with emerging technologies that have elevated Outremer catamarans to a level far exceeding their competitors.

If you are interested in stepping aboard the new Outremer 52 to experience it yourself: visitors to the Cannes Yachting Festival (September 12-17, 2023) will be able to tour hull #1, ‘Franny’ at the Outremer stand in Cannes at stand ‘SAIL 014’. And in the meantime, there’s a full guided tour and interview with Caroline and Magnus online.

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