France lead Britain in a close race to the finish of the Volvo Youth Sailing ISAF World Championship

Leaden skies and a shifty southerly breeze (8-15 knots) greeted the seven fleets for the fourth day of racing at the Volvo Youth Sailing ISAF World Championship, Gydnia, Poland. It was a day of consolidation for the fleet leaders. Overall, France lead the race to lift the Volvo Trophy but with Great Britain only 16 points behind, after yesterday’s racing, the battle remains wide open.

The top three in the Hobie fleet lie remain unchanged with the Tom Philips and Jonathan Cook from Great Britain extending their lead at the front of the fleet. Juan Maegli and Jason Hess, both 18 from Guatemala, currently lying in third, more accustomed to lake racing in 25?C, admitted that they were struggling with the cold and their spinnaker. Maegli commented: “This is the first time that we’ve used a spinnaker and it has been hard work to get use to it. I knew that Tom would be tough competition having sailed against him at the Hobie worlds where I finished fourth.”

Perth duo, Elise Rechichi (18) and Tessa Parkinson (17), enjoyed a first and a second today, to extend their lead at the front of the 420 Girls fleet by 18 points. Rechichi commented: “We only made one mistake today and that was to head towards the wrong buoy in the second race. If we get one more top 15 finish, we’ll win our class.”

Nathan Outteridge and Iain Jenson (AUS) faired as equally well as their female team mates in the in the Boys 420 fleet. A first and a second put them virtually out of reach of second placed French pair, Thomas and Mathieu Rahier, with the gap between them opening to 20 points.

The top three members of the Boys’ Laser fleet remain unchanged with Nick Thompson (GBR) remaining in pole position. Simon Morgan (AUS) and Simon Groteluschen (GER) lie in second and third respectively but the Australian muscled into second place yesterday. With these two just a point apart, the next three races will be crucial.

Sarah Steyaert (FRA) retained her top notch in the Girls’ Laser fleet. As with the Boys’ fleet, the competition is hotting up for second and third place between Paige Railey (USA) and Charlotte Dobson (GBR).

The Polish, obviously at home with the weather, are dominating both the both Mistral fleets. Zofia Kelpacka (18) from Warsaw, had two bullets yesterday to add to her other six. Clearly a walk in the park for this young lady, Zofia has previously won this event three times. She will represent her country in Athens next month. Kamil Lewandowski (18) also had two wins. He now heads his fleet 14 points ahead of his nearest rival Frederico Esposito of Italy. Richard Potter (GBR) lies in third.

A further three races are scheduled over the next two days with the final day of racing taking place on the 16 July.

Results (after day four)

Hobie Cat 16

1, Tom Phipps/Jonathan Cook, GBR (2,1,(DSQ),1,2,1,(3),1,1) 9 pts

2, Julien Villion/Martin Bataille, FRA ((DNF),3,2,2,1,2,1,(4),2) 13 pts

3, Juan Maegli/Jason Hess, GUA (1,2,2,3,DSQ,3,2,2,(5)) 14 pts

Mistral girls

1, Zofia Klepacka, POL ((1),1,1,1,1,(2),1,1,1) 7 pts

2, Sophie Anne Le Page, FRA (2,(4),(3),3,2,1,2,2,2) 14 pts

3, Laura Linares, ITA (3,2,(5),4,5,3,3,(7),5) 25 pts


9, Jilly Bromley ((DNF),9,10,(DNF),8,7,4,8,8) 54 pts

Mistral boys

1, Kamil Lewandowski, POL (2,1,4,(15),(OCS),1,1,1,1) 11 pts

2, Federica Esposito, ITA (6,2,6,1,2,2,(9),(10),6) 25 pts

3, Richard Potter, GBR (1,4,8,5,1,5,2,(13,(16)) 26 pts

Laser Radial girls

1, Sarah Steyaert, FRA (1,1,(8),2,(9),4,1,1,5) 15 pts

2, Page Railey, USA ((16),2,(OCS),4,2,1,2,9,3) 23 pts

3, Charlotte Dobson, GBR ((17),3,2,1,8,3,4,(OCS),7) 28 pts

Laser boys

1, Nick Thompson, GBR (4,2,4,1(10),5,1,(14),1) 18 pts

2, Simon Morgan, AUS (8,1,1,(12),8,8,3,(23),2) 31 pts

3, Simon Groteluschen, GER (2,9,3,6,(15),4,4,(20),4) 32 pts

420 boys

1, Nathan Outteridge/Iain Jensen, AUS (1,2,1,4,1,2,1,(5),(15)) 12 pts

2, Thomas Rahier/Mathieu Rahier, FRA (3,3,2,(8),7,5,(19),6,2) 28 pts

3, Jonathan McGovern/Stuart Bithell, GBR (9,5,8,5,(13),(15),4,4,1) 36 pts

420 girls

1, Elise Rechichi/Tessa Parkinson, AUS (1,1,2,1,(11),1,(8),1,2) 9 pts

2, Lydia Koppin/Kristina Kummer, GER (5,(22),6,3,3,3,(7),2,5) 27 pts

3, Emmanuelle Rol/Sophie Anne Thilo, SUI (4,(16),9,2,5,(OCS),1,3,4) 28 pts


4, Pippa Wilson/Harriette Trumble (2,(20),14,8,2,(15),4,4,3) 37 pts