Have a look at this spectacular photo of the capsized trimaran Groupama

This spectacular photo by Gilles Martin-Raget shows Franck Cammas’s trimaran Groupama upside down and rescuers attaching tow lines. The bow of the port float was ripped off and the float badly damaged on Sunday night when Jean Le Cam’s Bonduelle piled into the upturned hull in the pitch dark.

The latest news is that Groupama has been towed into port. Bonduelle is back at her base in Brittany, where the damage is being assessed. The starboard float was holed in the collision and when the hole was investigated, a piece of Groupama was found inside!

Bonduelle’s crash bulkhead reportedly did its job, but there is damage to more than a metre of the hull, including a larger area of delamination. Jean Le Cam and his team are hastily trying to make repairs and he is hoping to be on his way again within 72 hours.