The crew of Peter I has become the first to sail around the Arctic in a single season without ice-breaker assistance

Congratulations to the crew of Peter the First who have achieved a new world record. Peter I has become the first sailing ship to pass through the Northeast and Northwest Passages in a single season, with no ice-breaker assistance.

The 60ft yacht Peter I sailed around the Arctic after setting off on 4 June 2010 from St Petersburg. It took a month to sail around Scandanavia to get to the Russian port Murmansk. The yacht left Murmansk on 16 July heading east along northern Russia.

On 20 September 2010 – after 119 days at sea – Peter I crossed the symbolic Northwest Passage entry line into Lancaster Sound. The crew covered 9023 nautical miles on the voyage. Approximately 3000 of those were sailed in harsh ice conditions.

The Facts

The crew passed the most northern point of Russia – Cape Cheluskin and the most northern point of Northern America- Cape Zenith.

The longest non stop passage between ports – from Murmansk to Tiksi – lasted 35 days and 2300 miles.

The most difficult part of the passage was in the area of Taimyr Peninsula, where Peter I had to finding its way through dense ice.

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