Expert navigator Ian Moore takes a look at 5 years of real data and 100 different routes around the rock

With just over four weeks to go before the start of the sell-out Fastnet Race the top dogs in the fleet will be taking a close look at the weather that might be in store and the various scenarios that could prove the winning move.
In one of the most detailed analyses of the race, Ian Moore used real data over the last five years to run 100 different routes around the course. The results are now available online and can be downloaded to provide a fascinating insight into the variety of ways of tackling this 630 mile race.

Simply visit to “walk the course”.

In the August issue of Yachting World, Moore gives his views on this year’s race and some of the key navigation issues that may crop up as well as providing some essential tips on rounding some of the key headlands of the race.
This is one not to miss.

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