First programme to be broadcast tonight and repeated tomorrow

Those who want to follow The Race on television should check out Sky Sports. Sky Sports 2 will broadcast the latest update tonight (Friday 12 January) at 1830. This will be repeated on Sky Sports 3 at 1330 tommorrow.

This week’s programme sees the leaders through the Canary Islands and on towards The Doldrums. At the end of the first weekClub Medgains the lead and sets the pace towards the Equator while the leader of the first weekTeam Adventuretakes a hike west and loses the lead. By the middle of the week the leaders are up to full speed and heading towards the equator withTeam Adventuresteaming down the west side of Africa at an average of 26 knots.

Further backPlayStationleaves Gibraltar with new sails on board and Steve Fossett talks about his plans to get back into contention while Tony Bullimore struggles to get to Gibraltar with mainsail problems.

Sky Sports will broadcast updates from The Race every week until the yachts arrive back in Marseilles, anticipated to be in March.