Wally's new design to make campaigning costs more 'realistic'

Wally has today announced a new 80-foot Maxi design. The new Wally//Otto will be a one design racing yacht that aims to keep the cost of race campaigning down to a more ‘realistic’ budget.
Wally founder and President Luca Bassani Antivari, speaking from the FT Wally Grand Prix series in Porto Cervo, had this to say, “Otto is a new concept; a pure racing yacht which will allow owners to compete at the very highest level alongside the Americas Cup and Olympic standard sailors already competing in the Wally Class. This intelligent, flexible design dispenses with the ownership challenges normally associated with a traditional ‘pure’ racing yacht.”
Wally claim that being a one design, the Otto can expect greater longevity as a racer and a higher resale value. One of the ways in which Wally say they have tried to keep costs down is by making her sailable with limited crew onboard. Alongside this, a reduced sail wardrobe should keep the budget down further.
Apparently the Otto can easily convert in to cruiser mode as well. A spacious interior including three guest cabins mean she won’t be lacking in comfort. Further news on this new design to come.