A fleet of 17 boats turned out for the annual Vintage National 12 meeting at Earlswood Lake SC on Sunday (29 June)

Seven vintage, clinker-built, National 12s competed at the annual open meeting on 29 June at Earlswood Lake SC. The first, scratch race in a Force 2-3, was won by ‘Lets Go’, N1673, sailed by Brian Herring, narrowly beating ‘Arfabita’, N2476, sailed by Dougald Weir.

Using a handicap system where competitors finishing times are used in setting the starting times for the second, pursuit, race, ‘Planet’, N672, built in 1948 (Richard White), last in the first race, became first starter in the second race and managed to hold on and win ahead of ‘Just Lucky’, N1657, (Brian Kitching). Despite a further small re-adjustment of the starting times of the last race, ‘Planet’ won this also, ahead of ‘Lets Go’.

Overall Results

1st Lets Go, B.Herring and R.Stevenson

2nd Planet, R and M White

3rd Arfabita, D.Weir and L.Guest