A torn headsail has forced Steve Fossett's PlayStation to reduce speed on her Round Britain and Ireland record attempt

PlayStation, Steve Fossett’s 125ft maxi cat, currently attempting to break the Round Britain and Ireland record, is just off Muckle Flugga, the northern-most point of the Shetland Islands. However, in the continuing strong winds this evening, the crew has been forced to reduce speed while a torn headsail is under repair.

‘A 5ft horizontal tear appeared in the Solent, our most important headsail.’ Explained Fossett, ‘ We are continuing to sail with the much smaller Staysail while Dave Scully is leading five of the crew hand sewing the repair. This is where you need a top-flight sailing crew – because making repairs is a key element in sailing distance records. Hope this repair succeeds because we are giving up about 3 knots of boat speed with the Staysail.’

‘Tonight we will approach the Shetland Islands in light upwind conditions. We wanted more wind – but I suppose we should be grateful that we are rounding the top of the course before the gales build in.’

However, despite the slight glitch, PlayStation is well ahead of schedule having clocked an average speed of 18.23kts from the start on Sunday. To beat the record held by Maiden 2, PlayStation needs to average 15.1kts.