Light airs cause delayed starts at the Flash and Splash world championship at Weymouth

Wednesday dawned clear and sunny with the promise of a good breeze for the start of the championship for the Splashes. Qualifiers over, the gold and silver fleets accompanied by the Flashes set out for the long sail out, in light airs into Weymouth Bay.

The Flashes sailing on their own course got away cleanly for a 45-minute race in a Force 1-2. Their second race was delayed due to the shifting wind direction and the course having to be adjusted accordingly. When they did get away in a Force 3-4, two had been disqualified under the black flag rule. The third race started cleanly with 25 of the 37 competitors racing in a Force 4 and enjoying good sailing in what turned out to be seven hours at sea.

Erwin Veldman (NED) who leads after eight races from his brother Stephen second again dominated the three races. Raul Gonzalez (ESP) is in third place. First British boat is Matt Chettleburgh in 18th position.

The Splash gold and silver fleets on their trapezoid course started in light airs. Especially noticeable was that the leaders of the silver fleet caught the tail-end of the gold fleet, the winner of the silver fleet having come from the UK Optimist fleet. After a postponement waiting for the wind to settle and a general recall, the two fleets eventually started in a strengthening wind. However, on the black flag rule start, 20 boats were disqualified .

After three races, the gold fleet is led by Filip Pietrzak (POL) second Auke Van Der Werf (NED) and third Jorne Knegt (NED). Andrew Friend (GBR) 43 Agnieszka Cebulska (POL) leads the silver fleet with Eleni Kafetzidaki (GRE) second and Alfred Lachappelle (BEL) third. Chris Schonhut GBR 5, James large first in race one.