Two days before the start of the the leg from hell, Guy Swindells talks to Volvo Ocean Race navigators and skippers about the nightmare ahead

“This one’s been giving me occasional nightmares for some time, now they’re becoming more regular” – Jules Salter, Ericsson navigator

“It’s probably going to be the most unpleasant leg of any race I’ve ever done” – Andrew Cape, Puma navigator

“It will be hell! It’s not something I’m looking forward to” – Bouwe Bekking, skipper Telefonica Blue

From the moment the new course was announced, Leg 4 of the Volvo Ocean Race was widely considered to be one of the most demanding of the entire race. At 2,500 nautical miles it may not be the longest leg, but with 2,000 miles of it conducted upwind in 25-30 knots where the air temperature will struggle to climb above freezing for a decent stretch towards the end and large stretches of wind against tide, this section of the race has the potential to break boats and bodies.

In this week’s Shoretalk podcast, Guy Swindells talks to navigators Jules Salter and Andrew Cape about the conditions that lie ahead. Guy also speaks to skippers Bouwe Bekking and Green Dragon skipper about how they are preparing for the leg from hell.

Leg 4 from Singapore to Qingdao starts at 1300 local (0500 GMT) Sunday 18 Jan

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