This week's YW podcast is now online. Matthew Sheahan and Guy Swindells report from Cape Town

With the fleet all now ashore in Cape Town at the end of the first leg of the Volvo Ocean race, the talk of the town continues to be the highs and the lows of a leg that saw the 24hour distance record demolished by the crew of Ericsson 4.

In a recording produced during the breezy second section of the leg, media member Guy Salter gives a vivid account of what it is really like to ride aboard a Volvo 70 at 30 knots plus.

But others were not so fortunate. Aboard both Telephonica boats the ride felt more like that of a high speed submarine as they nosedived their way across the south Atlantic. Both were involved in spectacular wipe outs. Telefonica Blue performed a Chinese gybe at night while Telefonica Black’s problems started when she lost one of her rudders at high speed and rounded up into a wild broach, a crash that was the start of a serious chain reaction that left the boat crippled for the remainder of the leg.

Guy Swindells looks back at the comments from the crews as they stepped ashore after three weeks of intense racing.

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