An RS600 Fat Face Circuit meeting took place at Weymouth last weekend

Competitors at Weymouth & Portland Sailing Academy were greeted with sun and a good Force 4 for the Fat Face Racing Circuit meeting on Saturday 10 July.

Race 1 started on time with Matt Humphries taking an early lead followed by Pete Saunders and Andy Heissig. Heissig took the leeward mark badly and dropped back to finish in seventh place leaving Dave Nunn to finish third.

The second race saw Humphries taking the early lead again only to break his trapeze rope and snap his tiller extension. He still managed to limp home finishing sixth leaving Saunders to take a win, Heissig second and Alex Knight third. Humphries produced his spare tiller extension and repaired his trapeze rope on the water and went on to win race three.

Sunday broke with more sunshine and a Force 4 for the last three races of this Fat Face Circuit event. Humphries took an early lead in race 4 with Nunn in second. Saunders took second place briefly before Nunn took it back to finish, nearly a leg behind Humphries. Races 5 and 6 again saw Humphries taking the lead.

Overall Results

1st Matt Humphries

2nd Peter Saunders

3rd Andy Heissig