Andrew Bray, editor of Yachting World for 17-years, shows us his new yacht built by Farrow and Chambers

Yachting World’s retired editor Andrew Bray launched his new boat early yesterday (5 March) at Chichester Marina, on the UK’s South Coast. Maggie May was designed by Steve Dalzell and built by John Chambers of Farrow and Chambers. She is a 26 foot centreboard gaff yawl, with wooden hull and spars (although not rigged in this picture) and owes much of her design to traditional West Country boats but with a North American flavour. Andrew intends to cruise her locally from Chichester.

”She is very different to my last boat, Firefly, both in concept and rig, and I’ve gone from high tech ocean crosser to a more traditional coastal cruiser. I’m looking forward to her first sail. She’s taken two years to build but John Chambers has done a wonderful job.”