Long Island Sound was crowded with spectator boats yesterday as Peter Gilmour won the 20th International Knickerbocker Cup, hosted by the Knickerbocker YC in Port Washington, New York

The conditions were difficult at best for the four teams who raced yesterday, as the wind was very shifty and light. The Race Committee postponed the races at 0930 due to lack of wind. Shortly after noon, winds from 3-6 knots sent the RC out on the bay to set up courses. The semi-finals were cancelled because of wind conditions, and the four teams – Peter Gilmour, Ed Baird, James Spithill and Ken Read – match raced for final standings. It was Gilmour against Baird, and Spithill vs. Read.

The first two races gave one win to each of the four skippers, forcing a third and final match. Even with fluky wind, this was exciting match racing, with each team working hard to gain advantage at the start and trying to predict where the wind might be best on the race course. Twice the RC used an alternate rounding mark as the wind kept shifting all over the bay. The final match found Gilmour on the right side of the bay with a little wind that carried him to the finish line before Baird. Spithill and Read were close at several points in their final match, but it was Spithill who took the honours at the finish line.

America’s Cup Hall of Famer, Ed du Moulin, Past Commodore of the Knickerbocker YC, and the founder of the Knickerbocker Cup, awarded first prize to Gilmour’s team and congratulated them on their win. Peter Gilmour said that he was “delighted to have won the cup for the second time, as the series was close, with four America’s Cup skippers in the finals”.

Overall results:

1. Peter Gilmour

2. Ed Baird

3. James Spithill

4. Ken Read