With less than 1,000 miles to go, Orange's twin bows are pointed directly at Brest at 30 knots of boatspeed

At last Orange’s crew have managed to nurse the maxi-catamaran around the Azores High and are speeding at 30 knots directly towards their target, the imaginary line between Ushant and the Lizard, now less than 1,000 miles away.

Currently enjoying SW winds, soon to veer to NW, their only remaining fear, other than the damaged mast bearing, is the possibility of light airs for the final few miles.

The mood on board is upbeat and a Sunday finish, 7 days ahead of the existing Sport Elec record, looks increasingly likely.

Position 0800, May 3 28°25 ‘N / 45°50’ W Speed 24h : 18.15 Distance since departure : 27031.83 miles Distance 24h : 435.67 miles