A world qualifying event for the OK class took place at Dabchick SC last weekend

The first qualifier for the 2005 OK Dinghy World Championships in Denmark took place at Dabchicks Sailing Club at West Mersea over the weekend of 27-28 March.

After the previous weekend’s gales, 24 boat made it to the start line for two days of light southwesterlies and some interesting tidal race on the Blackwater Estuary.

With the worlds in the UK later in the summer, most of the fleet are gearing up and proving to be competitive. After some inconsistent results in 2003, Jim Hunt, found some speed this weekend to win each and every race by a substantial margin, although he did get an OCS in race three for being over enthusiastic at the start.

Five times national champion Nick Craig, had to settle to second place overall, getting his only win when Hunt scored OCS.

David Carroll scored two third places on the Saturday but an early swim and an baby due to arrive on Sunday saw him heading home early. Will Turner also had the misfortunate the lose his mast step on the start of race three and retired from the series.

Going into the last race, Hunt couldn’t afford any mistakes and started conservatively mid line. Robert Deaves won the pin end to lead out on port with Craig playing catch up. These three arrived at the windward mark more or less together, but Hunt soon built up a lead that Craig couldn’t catch. The next three – Deaves, Terry Curtis and John Ball – battled it out neck and neck for the next five laps. Curtis eventually got past Deaves on the penultimate lap to place third in the race and the meeting. After a consistent weekend, the rejuvenated John Ball finished in fourth place.

Overall Results

1 Jim Hunt GBR 2109 3 points

2 Nick Craig GBR 2110 5

3 Terry Curtis GBR 2101 12

4 John Ball GBR 2082 12

5 Robert Deaves GBR 2081 13

6 Gavin Waldron GBR 2085 20

7 Dan Ager GBR 2100 26

8 Pete Turner GBR 2059 30

9 David Carroll GBR 2106 31

10 Mike Edwads GBR 2107 31

11 Paul Jewby GBR 2095 32

12 Neil Goodhead GBR 2108 35

13 Alex Scoles GBR 2021 35

14 Simon Shaw GBR 2065 36

15 John Charlton GBR 2096 37

16 Will Turner GBR 2045 39

17 Geoff Woollen GBR 2008 40

18 Andy Turner GBR 2083 43

19 John Meadowcroft GBR 2087 44

20 Jon Fish GBR 2067 46

21 David Cooper GBR 2031 52

22 Mary Reddyhoff GBR 2058 53

23 Deryck Lovegrove GBR 2104 57

24 Ian Harris GBR 2049 71