Firefly's Duncan Kent discovers the culprit for some strange odours in the dying days of the ARC crossing

“I couldn’t understand it,” says Duncan Kent, crew onFirefly, explaining how he discovered the mystery behind some strange odours on the boat. “I had been showering every day, but could tell that there was something near my bunk that was a little less than unpleasant. I thought it was me!”

The culprit turned out to be vegetal, rather than animal, as a clear-out of bananas on the finish line uncovered a rather sad looking cabbage that had been lurking on the shelf by Duncan’s bunk.

It is true that when a yacht goes to sea, like the mystery of the disappearing Biros of the vanishing lighters, something highly biodegradable will find a spot to hide and die. Cabbages often make their way into the victuals cupboard, as they are particularly hardy vegetables, often lasting an entire trip without turning. Sadly for Duncan, there is always one exception to the rule…

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