The couple who survived nine days in a liferaft - no thanks to its emergency pack

Have you ever wondered what’s in the sealed emergency pack of your liferaft? Probably not. You might think, as I did, that if the worst happened you’d cut loose with an EPIRB and a carefully prepared grab bag.

That’s why Pierpaolo Mori’s (right) and Libi Belozerzki’s story is so disturbing. I talked to them both last week.

They were sailing a 47ft performance cruiser from the Maldives to the Gulf of Aden last month – they did the ARC in 2005 and were on their way home to Italy at the end of a circumnavigation – when the keel fastenings gave way. According to Libi, who was on watch at the time, the yacht inverted “in less than half a minute.”

They drifted for nine days before being picked up by a Belgian tug on 3 October, and survived by eating birds and a sea turtle.

But, leaving aside the keel failure for now, the really shocking part of this was the pathetic quality of the emergency pack.

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