Pierre Loïc Berthet’s Nantes-St-Nazaire has taken the lead in the Tour de France à la Voile

The 40 Mumm 30s have produced really tight racing in the Tour de France à la Voile 2002 resulting in a constant chance of leaders. On Monday night, it was Jimmy Pahun onboard Région Ile de France who took it back from Ville de Genève Carrefour Prévention after winning the offshore race from La Rochelle to Bayonne.

Yesterday, Tuesday, Nantes-St-Nazaire, skippered by Pierre-Loïc Berthet, snatched victory in the inshore race off Bayonne (race five that was missed in Dieppe) and therefore is now leading overall as Région Ile de France came home in 15th. Etienne David and his Swiss team remain in third overall after a disappointing result in 14th position.

Rob Greenhalgh’s Panther Team GBR had a good result yesteray, coming home in third. Their results seem to be improving with their tenth position in the last coefficient three offshore race.

The international student team comprised of Aussies, Brits and a Dutch girl proved consistency again as they crossed the finish line in sixth after having been in the leading pack during the whole race. Simon Sutherland’s crew keep on extending their lead in the student division and are now aiming for a final position among the top ten. Amateur British boat Royal Thames, skippered by Owen Modral finished in 17th position. Bernard Mallaret and Vincent Portugal’s Cassis Mauguio Carnon have high expectations with the arrival today of Italy’s Vasco Vascotto. The Mumm 30 world and European champion will be helming the boat from now on and will hopefully improve their results.

Overall Results (provisional) after Race 5

1st Nantes St-Nazaire / Pierre Loïc Berthet 1123 points

2nd Région Ile de France / Jimmy Pahun 1107,5 points

3rd Ville de Genève Carrefour Prévention / Etienne David 1100 points