Insurers question whether a Swan 48 that disappeared in the Atlantic last month was single-handed or had crew

An investigation is being carried out by a leading insurance company into the disappearance of a Swan 48 last month. The 65-year-old American owner of Kandjar III, who has not been named, left Massagon, Spain, on 2 September for Newport, Rhode Island. He has not been seen since.

On 20 September, the Marine Rescue Co-ordination Centre at Delgada received a distress signal from an EPIRB belonging to Kandjar. Two Portuguese aircraft were sent and four merchant vessels diverted to search the area 180nm from the Azores.

Two inflated lifejackets, plastic bags containing food rations and ‘various other items’ were found in the search area, but the insurers say these ‘are not really indicative of the sinking of a yacht’ and are continuing their enquiries.

Among their chief concerns is to discover whether or not the owner had any crew on board. In his last conversation with his wife, the owner mentioned no other crew. The insurance company says that it is ‘a very important factor for future investigations’ to rule out the possibility of a crime.

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