Hydroptere.ch embarks on record breaking expedition. See images here - courtesy of Christophe Launay...

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While out on Lake Geneva this week, Hydroptere.ch managed to break two records. The multihull – launched in the autumn last year as part of a scientific process – made 29.18 knots over 1km (on a run between Lausanne and Evian) and hit a peak speed of 34.84 knots. Images are courtesy of Christophe Launay.

The following day (2 June 2011) the crew sailed a long port tack run towards Bouveret during which they averaged 21.32 knots for one hour.

As a lab boat, Hydroptere.ch’s main purpose is to test geometries and behaviours in varied real conditions for the development of l’Hydroptère maxi in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Meanwhile, the original L’Hydroptere is back in the UK and will be in Cowes this weekend when they hope to break the record for the JP Morgan Round the Island Race. This currently stands at 2 hours 33 minutes and 55 seconds (or an average speed of 19.53 knots) set in 2001 by the late Steve Fossett and his maxi-cat PlayStation.