Philippe Monnet has been airlifted off his trimaran (capsize No. 4) but now Peyron has dismasted

After setting off the distress beacon of his trimaran Sopra Group this morning, Philippe Monnet was found safe on board the capsized boat and airlifted off at 1445GMT today. The first reports are that he had experienced gusts of up to 82 knots. It seems his staysail had failed to furl properly and ballooned out into a pocket, which overpowered the boat during one of these massive gusts, catapulting the trimaran right over.

Meanwhile, despite Loick Peyron’s efforts to retain his rig after his starboard float broke in two, it came down at 1115GMT this morning. There is no more news about his situation at present, but when we get it we’ll post it here.

There is more bad weather on the way tonight. A new depression is forming to the east of the bulk of the fleet which will bring winds as high as 60 knots. So the worst is not yet over.