Another two class two boats head for La Coruna as 70 knot headwinds are forecast

The synoptic chart for Friday says it all. It indicates winds of 80 knots, right off Finisterre and right where some of the smaller boats in Around Alone might be and right where hurricane-force south westerlies could drive them into the dangerous and shallow waters of Biscay.

Apart from Simone Bianchetti, who has already pulled into Brest with autopilot problems, Alan Paris (BTC Velocity), John Dennis (Bayer Ascencia), Tim Kent (Everest Horizontal), Kojiro Shiraishi (Spirit ot Yukoh) and Brad van Liew (Tommy Hilfiger) are all headed for shelter in La Coruna, the latter with damage to his reefing system. We’ll bring more updates as we receive news.