British yachtswoman Pip Hare has qualified for the Mini Transat Race - see video footage of passage and pics here


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Monday 14 March 2011 – You’ve read the blog………now watch the film
Finally I think I caught up on sleep last night.
I have been walking around in an absolute daze for the last couple of days. When the adrenaline of finishing wore off my body decided to let me know exactly how it felt after the 1000 miles of abuse I had put it through.
Eyes weeping, back crying out, head full of cotton wool, but still smiling.
I complete my qualifier on 10 March 2011 at 15:00 UT. This was a time of eight days and one hour, which by all account is pretty fast.

Courtesy of youtube channel pipoceanracing

Plus, there are more photos on my website –
I am exhausted just watching!
Thank you all for your support and interest it has been a pleasure to have you all along.
Pip x

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