Pip Hare preparing for the 2020/21 Vendée Globe. Photo: Richard Langdon – Ocean Images

Who is Pip Hare?

Pip Hare is a British professional sailor and has been for 25 years. Despite a long and distinguished career, Pip’s first foray into the exclusive world of solo sailing came only ten years ago, when she entered the OSTAR race from Plymouth UK to Newport, USA.

Following that race, Pip has worked her way through the ranks of solo and ocean racing, and has taken part in a large variety of events in almost all major solo classes, training, project managing, and fundraising for her own campaigns every step of the way.

The ultimate goal for any solo sailor is typically the Vendée Globe, solo non-stop around the world race, which departs every four years from Les Sables-d’Olonne. This race has been the stated goal for Pip Hare for many years and in 2020 she finally achieved her dream to make it to the Vendée Globe startline.

However, the route to the Vendée is a tough one and it was only the British sailor’s ample determination that got her there with a tiny budget and a support team made up of volunteers and friends.

In June 2020 Medallia joined Pip as title sponsor for the Vendee Globe campaign, allowing her to recruit a small team and prepare for the start in November 2020.

In her own words, Pip says she had to: “just make it happen, force a campaign into existence and not be fussy about what I had. I just wanted to experience the [Vendée Globe] and show potential sponsors that I was worth backing.”

What’s next for Pip Hare?

“My goal has always been for two Vendées,” Pip says. “I think until I had sailed the race, experienced the Southern Ocean alone, understood all the problems that can be encountered on the way, then it would be difficult for me to put in the kind of performance I aspire to.

“My performance in [the 2020/21 Vendée Globe] race has been such a happy surprise. I never considered that… I would be in the same stretch of water as the tail end foilers, let alone ahead of them in the Southern Ocean.

“This performance has validated my goal to be back in 2024 with a foiling boat and looking at the top ten.”

In addition to her professional skippering, Pip is also a regular contributor to Yachting World, writing technique features and offering her hard-won professional sailing insights.

Pip Hare on board her Imoca

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