Light winds affected the fourth day's racing at the Volvo World Youth Sailing ISAF World Championship in Lunenburg, Canada, yesterday

Light winds affected the fourth day’s racing at the Volvo World Youth Sailing ISAF World Championship in Lunenburg, Canada, yesterday

The Mistral races had to be postponed to another day and racing for the other classes was delayed until late in the afternoon at. In the end, the 29er classes completed two races, with the Laser and Byte classes completing one race.

Pippa Wilson and Jenny Marks carry on their domination in the 29er class are in first place overall after scoring a fifth and a second place. Australia’s Elise Rechichi and Rashele Martin are second and New Zealand’s Rachel O’Brien and Kelly Riechelmann are in third.

In Boys 29er, Australia’s Nathan Outteridge and Ayden Menzies had the perfect day, scoring two first places to put them first overall. In second place, just one point behind is the New Zealand team of Geoff Woolley and Mark Overington and France’s Guillavme Vigna and Thibaut Gatti are third. Team GBR sailors Jonny Marshall/ Tom Smedley scored a third and a 14th place to maintain their seventh place overall.

In Boys Laser fleet, Andrew Campbell of the United States keeps his first place in the overall standings, with German’s Tobias Schadewaldt in second, just three points behind. Michael Bullot of New Zealand is in third. Andy Brooks is currently 14th overall after scoring a ninth in the only race of the day.

Paige Railey of the United States leads the girls Byte class with Canada’s Jennifer Spalding is just two points behind her in second position while Karin Soderstrom of Sweden is in third. Colette Blair moved up one place overall in the overall rankings after scoring a 17th place overall.

Team Manager Mark Barron commented: “with two more days left there is still opportunity to have success in some of the classes and those in the hunt for medals have got the continue to keep the pressure up.” The overall standings for the Volvo Trophy, which is based on team results across all racing classes, remain the same, with New Zealand leading from the United States of America and France. Great Britain is in fourth place. Results

29er boys

1, Nathan Outteridge/ Ayden Menzies, AUS (1,4,(7),(5),4,3,1,1,1) 15 pts

2, Geoff Woolley/ Mark Overington, NZL (2,1,2,(6),(7),1,4,4,2) 16 pts

3, Guillavme Vigna/Thibaut Gatti, FRA (5,2,1,2,1,4,(6),(9),6) 21 pts

Team GBR

7, Jonny Marshall/ Tom Smedley (6,7,9,(13),6,9,3,3,(14)) 43 pts

29 girls

1, Pippa Wilson/ Jenny Marks, GBR (1,(5),1,2,2,2,1,(5),2) 11 pts

2, Elise Rechichi/ Rashele Martin, AUS (2,1,(11),3,4,1,3,1,(8)) 15 pts

3, Rachel O’Brien/ Kelly Riechelmann, NZL ((DSQ),4,2,1,1,3,4,(11),3) 18 pts

Laser boys

1, Andrew Campbell, USA (3,1,4,2,4,1,(8),7) 22 pts

2, Tobias Schadewaldt, GER (8,2,2,9,1,2,1,(13)) 25 pts

3, Michael Bullot, NZL (1,6,1,(17),2,12,4,4) 30 pts

Team GBR

14, Andy Brooks (9,18,15,(22),3,21,11,9) 86 pts

Byte girls

1, Paige Railey, USA (1,(OCS),5,1,2,1,5,7) 22 pts

2, Jennifer Spalding, CAN (7,3,(DSQ),3,1,2,6,2) 24 pts

3, Karin Soderstrom, SWE (4,2,2,2,(12),6,8,8) 32 pts

Team GBR

8, Colette Blair, GBR (2,8,7,9,7,9,9,(17)) 51 pts

Mistral boys (results stand as day three)

1, Byron Kokkalanis, GRE (3,2,(7),1,2,1,2) 11 pts

2, Thomas Ashley, NZL (4,1,(5),4,1,2,1) 13 pts

3, Jan Schenck, SUI (1,3,2,3,6,6,(9)) 21 pts

Team GBR

4, Dan Binney (2,8,1,2,7,7,(10)) 27 pts

Mistral girls (results stand as day three)

1, Zofia Klepacka, POL ((RAF),1,1,1,1,2) 6 pts

2, Blanca Manchon, ESP ((7),2,3,2,2,3) 12 pts

3, Wai Man Chan, HKG (1,3,(6),5,4,4) 17 pts

Team GBR

7, Catherine Potter (RDG,8,(9),9,8,1) 29 pts

Volvo Trophy

1, New Zealand 259 pts

2, United States of America 221 pts

3, France 216 pts

4, Great Britain 197 pts