Lia has just contacted her shore team and is expected in Plymouth on Thursday

Lia has just called in to say how excited she is today. At 1800 (Monday) she had
just 275 miles to go to Plymouth. She was expecting the winds to drop off soon, but has recorded the top speed of the journey at 18.8 knots.

Shockwave’s average speed is hovering between 9-12 knots and her ETA has
dropped a day as a result. She even had to put a reef in, as the breeze was
getting quite frisky. She has commented on just how different the journey
has been sailing a more southern route, as there has been much more
wildlife to see & on a negative side she has been surprised at the amount
of rubbish in the water – plastic bottles, rope, even bottles. So far there
has been no message in any of them for her!

Lia’s best estimate of arrival in Plymouth will be between 9 & 10 am on
Thursday 15th September. The Royal Western Yacht Club will be there to welcome
her, together with the local press and friends and relatives. Lia is keen to get the boat back up to its home in Southampton, but will be in the RWYC for drinks from 1830, so please feel free to join in the celebrations and ask her yourself just how it has been crossing the Atlantic (twice) in a space not much bigger than your average chest freezer.