Skip and Zoë Atkins win Laser 2000 nationals at Saundersfoot

The Laser 2000’s classes departure from a weekend event to one held over a full week proved to be a great success doubling the numbers attending last year’s ‘Coastal Championship’.

Thirty four boats travelled to Saunderfoot for the ‘nationals’ over the week 15-20 August from as far a field as Loch Venacher in Scotland and Chichester on the South Coast.

Sunday saw the fleet assemble for a practice race in light variable conditions followed by a well attended AGM and Commodores briefing when some crews were reminded of where the bow of their boats were for the placing of bow numbers. The race programme got off to a good start on Monday with two races sailed back to back in almost ideal Force 2-3 conditions with much place changing.

The fleet arrived on the beach Tuesday to a Force 4-6 completing a further three races with some testing out their masthead anti inversion devices. Although other crews were often at the windward mark first it was the consistency of Skip and Zoë Atkins and Tim and Linda Hulley showing those behind just how the Laser 2000 ought to be sailed.

After a scheduled lay day on the Wednesday giving the opportunity to visit the many local attractions, rising winds blew away the Thursday programme.

Two further races were completed on the Friday with the fleet diminishing by the minute as conditions deteriorated; any thoughts of a third race were abandoned. The evening’s prizegiving saw Skip and Zoë crowned national champions, with Skip’s main headache Tim and Linda Hulley earning the second spot.

Taking into account the wild weather across most of the country during the week, it was a minor miracle that so much of the sailing programme was completed and provided so much enjoyment to competitors.

Overall Results

1st : ‘Skip’ and Zoë Atkins – Stone SC 5points

2nd : Tim and Linda Hulley – Weir Wood SC 10points

3rd : Robert McCullough and Alma Cadzon – Loch Venacher SC 16points

4th : Ian and Robert Payne – Chichester YC 21points

5th : John and Pauline Cox – Chichester YC 21points