A total of 15 Larks competed in last weekend's open meeting at South Staffs

On Saturday 19 March, 15 Larks took part in the first Lark training event of the season. In a shifty Force 2 Will and Dave Croxford won the Muck Off-sponsored handicap race followed by Sandy Lavelle and Pat Jones.

Overnight the fleet swelled to 30 Larks ready for the annual one day open meeting. This is an increased turnout on previous years reflecting the increasing strength of the Larks in the Midlands.

In race 1 Ampleford/Nankervis stormed off the port end of the line and rounded first followed by local boat Neil and Amanda Goodhead. Cumley/Jones rounded next and then fought hard to overtake the boats ahead and keep the very fast Hydon/Showell pairing behind them. At the gun it was Cumley, Hydon, Goodhead.

Race 2 started with an early starboard shift, but as in the previous race, the wind shift off the island meant that it was the port-end boats that led at the first mark. Like the first race Ampleford held the early lead, however, it wasn’t long until Ellis/Young sneaked past down the long run. These two boats battled it out for three quarters of the race until Cumley/Jones, who had been down in 8th place, managed to catch up and overtake both on the last lap.

In the final race Cumley/Jones started at the port end and led round the windward mark from Ampleford in second and Johnson/Stewart in third. Cumley/Jones sailed off to take a comfortable win leaving Ampleford and Johnson to have a monumental battle for second place, with Ampleford eventually coming out victorious.

Overall Results

1 Steve Cumley and Eluned Jones, Northampton SC, 2 points

2 Mark Ampleford and Lee Nankervis, Penzance SC, 5 points

3 Chris Ellis and Kathryn Young, Frensham Pond SC, 6 points

4 Stu Hydon and Hannah Showell, Shustoke SC, 6 points

5 Ruth Johnson and James Stewart, South Staffs SC, 7 points