Russell Coutts, Jesper Radich and James Spithill are jointly leading the ISAF Match Racing World Championship at Lake Garda

Three skippers including Russell Coutts, Jesper Radich and James Spithill are leading the ISAF Match Racing World Championship having each scored six victories with only one loss at Lake Garda yesterday.

Defending world champion Karol Jablonski from Poland finished the with four victories and two losses, as does American Ed Baird. The outcome of the much awaited race between Coutts, winner of the America’s Cup, and defending world champion Karol Jablonski, was quickly decided when the Polish skipper got a penalty at the start.

Eight of the 14 flights of Round Robin One have been completed. Racing started this morning at 11 am, with a two-hour delay due to the lack of wind. The breeze from the south later increased, reaching 20 knots by 1 pm.

Racing resumes today with the remaining flights of Round Robin One and the start of Round Robin Two.

Results (at the end of day one)

Russell Coutts, New Zealand – 6 wins, 1 loss

James Spithill, Australia – 6 wins, 1 loss

Jesper Radich, Denmark – 6 wins, 1 loss

Mathieu Richard, France – 5 wins, 2 losses

Ed Baird, USA – 4 wins, 2 losses

Jes Gram-Hansen, Denmark – 4 wins, 3 losses

Karol Jablonski, Poland – 3 wins, 3 losses

Bjorn Hansen, Sweden – 2 wins, 5 losses

Ian Williams, UK – 2 wins, 5 losses

Mikael Lindqvist, Sweden – 1 win, 5 losses

Paolo Cian, Italy – 1 win, 6 losses

Staffan Lindberg, Finland – 0 wins, 6 losses

Results of the day’s flights

Flight 1

Baird def. Hansen

Spithill def. Gram-Hansen

Lindqvist def. Lindberg

Williams def. Richard

Cian def. Jablonski

BYE Radich-Coutts

Flight 2

Williams def. Lindberg

Radich def. Cian

Gram-Hansen def. Hansen

Richard def. Lindqvist

Coutts def. Jablonski

BYE Baird-Spithill

Flight 3

Radich def. Lindqvist

Richard def. Baird

Jablonski def. Williams

Spithill def. Coutts

Hansen def. Cian

BYE Gram-Hansen – Lindberg

Flight 4

Radich def. Williams

Coutts def. Hansen

Baird def. Lindberg

Spithill def. Cian

Richard def. Gram-Hansen

BYE Jablonski-Lindqvist

Flight 5

Jablonski sconf. Lindberg

Baird def. Cian

Radich def. Richard

Coutts def. Gram-Hansen

Spithill def. Lindqvist

BYE Hansen-Williams

Flight 6

Cian def. Gram-Hansen

Hansen def. Lindqvist

Spithill def. Williams

Coutts def. Baird

Radich def. Lindberg

BYE Jablonski-Richard

Flight 7

Jablonski def. Hansen

Richard def. Cian

Gram-Hansen def. Williams

Coutts def. Lindberg

Spithill def. Radich

BYE Baird-Lindqvist

Flight 8

Coutts def. Richard

Gram-Hansen def. Lindqvist

Jablonski def. Spithill

Radich def. Hansen

Baird def. Williams

BYE Lindberg Cian