Pete Goss plans to walk to the South Pole

Three years after Pete Goss’s ill-fated Team Philips project came to a tragic end when his radically designed 120ft catamaran (pictured left) was abandoned while undergoing sea trials, Goss is embarking on his next challenge – walking to the South Pole.

Together with his teamate and fellow Royal Marine Alan Chambers, Goss is planning to close the chapter of arguably one of the most famous expeditions ever. They plan to follow in Captain Scott’s footsteps after his tragically unsuccessful attempt to be the first person to reach the South Pole on foot in 1911.

Goss and Chambers started training for the 90-day expedition in 2002, and in April 2003 they went to the North Pole in preparation for this month’s South Pole departure. But lack of funds has forced the postponement of the expedition for 12 months. The sum of money raised reached was £100,000 but to commence the journey they need a total of £360,000.