Despite their speedy start to the Jules Verne Challenge, Olivier de Kersauson and crew are now stuck in the Doldrums

Having made incredible progress over the first few days of the Jules Verne Challenge, Olivier de Kersauson and crew aboard Geronimo are currently stuck in the Doldrums and are making slow progress (7 knots) towards the Equator. However, de Kersauson confirms: “Morale is high and we’re still focused as we wait for the slightest breath of wind. We all know that missing even a light breeze could lose us half a day.”

As if the exasperating lack of wind wasn’t enough, there now seem to be some serious storms in the offing and de Kersauson adds: “We’re in a sluggish weather system surrounded by lightning. Half the time, we have to run the boat with no electricity at all. Sailing without wind direction, electronics and communication. But we guess that’s better than being struck by lightning!”


Jules Verne Trophy:
  Latitude Longitude Miles/24H Average Speed
        (last 24 hours)

Day 7





Comparison 1997 15,47N 20,44W 428,4 17,85
01:00:00 GMT