Olivier de Kersauson decides to turn back as second gennaker breaks

Olivier de Kersauson’s giant trimaran Géronimo is on her way back home to Brest after a second gennaker disintegrated yesterday. De Kersauson has decided to retire from this Jules Verne attempt while there is still time to make repairs and set off again.

Géronimo left with three gennakers, her main driving force in light winds or downwind. Two of these were new in December and it is being suggested that there is some kind of build problem with these sails. One broke in the first few days; the second blew yesterday “for, it seems, the same reasons”, comments de Kersauson,. He adds that as their last remaining gennaker is identical it theoretically has the same weakness and needs to be modified.

Géronimo will take 6-7 days to reach Brest, after which de Kersauson estimates 2-3 days of repairs. He has intimated that he will set off again as soon as there is suitable weather.

Meanwhile, Bruno Peyron says a weather window might just open up for his new Orange II on Monday, in which case he and his crew are ready to go.