Competitors at the Flying 15 open meeting at the Royal Motor YC enjoyed exciting racing in the breezy conditions

Poole bared its teeth with breezy conditions testing helmsmen and crew, particularly on the off-wind legs at the Royal Motor YC’s Flying 15 open and classic regatta last weekend. Saturday saw race officer Bryan Drake set a harbour course of three rounds in the morning, but in the afternoon a long journey around the harbour ensued with an exciting two-mile broad reach down the harbour ending with a beat to the finishing line.

On Sunday the racing was switched to Poole Bay with Olympic-style courses in a blustery north-westerly wind with steep seas and large gust when the fronts moved across the bay. This made for exhilarating sailing, particularly on the down-wind legs.

Rupert Mander and Chris Hawkins had things much their own way in the open event with four firsts, but in the silver under 3000 fleet the racing was very close, with Phil Owen and Peter McKenna sailing well to clinch the result. In the classic under 2700 fleet, Nick Heath and Ted Legg stitched it up with four winds.

Overall Results


1. 3779 Men Behaving Badly. Rupert Mander and Chris Hawkins. Draycote Water SC

2. 3791 Flow. Keith Aldridge and crew. Parkstone YC

3. 3794. Flo. David and Carol Duke. Grafham Water SC

4. 3654. Fi Fi. Andy and Carol Maskell. Parkstone YC

Classic 2700-3000

1. 2948 Midnight Cocktail. Phil Owen and Peter McKenna . RMYC

2. 2999 Slipstream. Wizz and Natasha Ashton. RMYC

3. 2876 Gripple Nipper. Graham Latham and crew RMYC

4. 2921 Thriller. Nigel and Tessa Yeoman RMYC

Classic under 2700

. 1. 2520 Fighting Fit. Nick Heath and Ted Legg. Grafham Water SC

2. 2562 Sandbagger. George Rock Evans and crew. Royal.Torbay YC

3. 2845 G.Fowler and crew. Grafham Water SC

4. 2626 G. and A. Harding/ South Cerney SC

G.Wilkins Trophy for Helm over 50

2921 Thriller. Nigel Yeoman