A better day for the intrepid Captains as the wind drops, the sea flattens, the sun comes out and a fine ocean greyhound is reduced to a chinese laundry

With a forecast of light to moderate winds for the next few days the memories of the last two days are fading fast as Firefly finds herself cruising in company with AZAB competitors Paul Heiney and Libby Purves on a deep blue sea and below a trade wind cloud scattered blue sky.

Posn 46 01.1N 12 43.3W Distance sailed 803 miles Distance to go 522 miles Day’s run 153 nm Barometer 1008 rising Boat speed 5.5 knots Wind speed 11 knots

James reports

What a difference a day makes! Yesterday was grey, windy and wet, today is dry out day. The wind is light, the sun shining and Firefly bimbles along at 5.5 knots on a beam reach.

The strong winds of the last few days had a final sting when a severe gust swept the Windex off the masthead. Now the cockpit looks like a Chinese laundry, festooned with drying socks, shirts, bedding and cushions.

Yesterday’s culinary activities included lunch by committee, help yourself buffet, and supper was spaghetti a la chien. Captain Cantankerous lived up to his name when the crew refused to eat his mince conconction once they read the label on the packet. A rough translation from Portuguese was ‘meat for animals’. He was forced to produce a second meal while the roll of the boat made him do a two-step from galley to chart table and back crying “Oww….Oww….Oww…oh s**t! “

Today, though, is what we all signed up for. Wish you were here, Ciao.