After two more races at the Formula 18 world championship, Mitch Booth still retains the top spot

With a variable wind and a heavy residual swell from Tuesday’s strong wind, the Formula 18 world championship fleet at Poole was held in the Harbour until 1300 on Wednesday 18 July. Eventually a south-easterly wind of around 6 knots filled in and, after one Black Flag general recall, the race officer got them away although 11 boats were deemed OCS.

A bias on the line gave advantage to the right-hand side of the course with the first beat taking only 10 minutes. Opinions varied at the gate but the leaders seemed to favour leaving it to port. The first two boats to finish had already been declared OCS so the gun was taken by the Mourniac Brothers from France. Yann Guichard and Christophe Espagnon, also from France took second place with Darran Bundock and Eddie Pool from Australia in third.

The wind was still unsteady for the second race of the day but it eventually settled down at 10 knots, from the west. The fleet got away at 1630hrs after one general recall. Those choosing the right-hand side of the course arrived at the windward mark first, although it was a close call in one or two cases. Billy Besson in 931 was first round followed by Mitch Booth in NED 88 and Gavin Colby in 908. By the end of the second beat the first two places had reversed. With the wind increasing to 12 knots plus some capsizes occurred on the downwind leg. Mitch Booth and Herbert Dercksen took first place with Christophe Gauchin and Jerome Lemaire in second and Gunnar Larsen and Gerhard Van Geest from the Netherlands in third.

Results (after three races)

1st NED 88, Mitch Booth and Herbert Dercksen (Rotterdam ZV)

2nd FRA 765, Jean-Chr and Phillippe Mourniac

3rd AUS 908, Gavin Colby and Dan Corlett Coych (Hyeres Var France )

4th FRA 718, Emmanuel and Vincent Boulogne (Yacht Club Fravelimois)

5th FRA 931, Billy Besson and Arnoud Jarlegan (SNO Nante)

6th FRA 764, Yann Guichard and Christophe Espagnon (Societe Des Regates Rochelaise)

7th FRA 374, Frederic Le Peutrec and Philippe Neiras (SNO Nantis)

8th GBR 928, Rob Wilson and Will Howden (RYA)

9th AUS 163, Glenn Ashby and Brendan Brown (Royal Perth YC)

10th NED 431, Gerard Loos and Esther Van Zeggeren (WVZ Zamdvoort)