A tearful Dee Caffari talks to Elaine Bunting at a crisis point in her record voyage. Click here to listen to the interview

“I’ve had lots of tears, lots of tantrums to myself, but I just keep plugging away,” Dee admitted to Elaine Bunting this week. “The whole emotional turmoil is quite exhausting. In the back of my mind I’ve got this big black cloud hanging over the project. I don’t know if it will happen or not.”

On Christmas Day Dee’s voyage unexpectedly reached a crisis point as her main autopilot developed a serious problem. Dee talks tearfully as she struggles to come terms with the fact that she cannot continue round Cape Horn unless she and her team find a way to repair it.

Elaine also talked to Aviva Challenge project director Andrew Roberts about the autopilot problems and what is being done to find a solution and asks what the chances are of getting the voyage back on track.

And Dee’s coach Harry Spedding explains what the options are as Dee steadily approaches Cape Horn and reaches crunch time for a decision.

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