Fresh winds and sunshine finally arrived at Cork Week yesterday

Fresh winds and sunshine finally arrived at Cork Week yesterday (Wednesday) to the relief of organisers under pressure following complaints from some classes about Race Management on Monday and Tuesday.

The 500-boat fleet reveled in the choppy open waters off Roche’s Point on Ireland’s South Coast.

The improved conditions were ideal for the big boats of Class Zero where Roy Disney’s Pyewacket soundly beat Hasso Plattner’s Morning Glory in both races of the day.

Speaking after the day’s racing, Disney hinted at the gulf between the two MaxZ 86-footers. “Its a pretty serious rivalry between Morning Glory and Pyewacket,” said the 73-year Californian before adding: “Putting spells on people is our deal but they had the hecks on us in Antigua so I’m glad to break the curse now.”

Plattner has yet to respond but day three marked a definite turn down in relations as the German opted to use spinnakers having previously left them ashore to attempt to level the slight IRC handicap advantage he holds over Disney.

Meanwhile, the remainder of the IRC Class Zero fleet are tussling for the runner-up places as the maxis dominate the first and second.

British DK46 Erivale helmed by Tim Powell continues to tie with Ireland’s Colm Barrington on Flying Glove. Both in turn are under pressure from the larger Cruiser-Racers who had a good day on the Olympic-type courses.

The fresher conditions also brought choppier seas resulting in as many as four reported man-overboards, a dismasting, several collisions and one broken leg.

Meanwhile, organisers at the Royal Cork have raised a marine safety issue with the Irish Coastguard and Garda Siochana.

A briefing note had been circularised to the fleet along with extensive references in the Sailing Instructions relating to new Irish safety regulations that require all persons on boats of seven metres or less to be wearing a lifejacket.

Dozens of RIBs supporting entries at Cork are ignoring or failing to comply with the new laws. Boats over seven metres must have a lifejacket for every person on board while children must wear lifejackets at all times on every length of craft while on deck.


IRM Race 3 1 Chernikeeff 2 (P Harrison); 2 WOLF (G Williams); 3 Babbalaas (D McLean)

IRM Race 4. 1 Bear of Britain (Hobday & Louis); 2 Chernikeeff 2 (P Harrison); 3 High Life (Rogers & Taggart)

IRC0 Race 3 1 Pyewacket (R Disney); 2 Morning Glory (H Plattner); 3 Erivale (R Elliot)

IRC0 Race 4 1 Pyewacket (R Disney); 2 Morning Glory (H Plattner); 3 Constanter (W Mesdag)

IRC1 Race 3 1 Dark Angel (E Connelly); 2 Wow (G Sisk); 3 Maverick 2 (C Sharples)

IRC1 Race 4 1 Wow (G Sisk); 2 Bateleur 97 (C Bonar); 3 White Tiger (T Sheehy)

IRC2 Race 4 1 Tarka (N Jones); 2 Calyx Voice & Data/Voodoo Chile (E Crosbie); 3 Sapphire (A Coveney)

IRC2 Race 5 1 Tarka (N Jones); 2 Calyx Voice & Data/Voodoo Chile (E Crosbie); 3 Salvo (P Morton)

IRC3 Race 4 1 Merlin (Moreau); 2 Obsession (B& D Rose); 3 Malice (M Moxley)

IRC3 Race 5 1 Yeomantix (R Aisher); 2 Aztec 2 (P Bemish); 3 Checkmate (Mac Carthy)

IRC4 Race 3 1 TBS/DSM (J Burgaud); 2 Inis-Mor (B Gouy); 3 Energies Total (P Bourgeois)

IRC4 Race 4 1 Inis-Mor (B Gouy); 2 TBS/DSM (J Burgaud); 3 Great Scot II (Philips & Mackay)

IRC5 Race 3 1 Fixation (N Fullagher); 2 Ruthless (M Pearson); 3 Blue Berret Pi (E Connellan)

IRC5 Race 4 1 Ruthless (M Pearson); 2 Fixation (N Fullagher); 3 Dick Dastardly (B Cunningham

IRC6 Race 4 1 Dux (A Gore-Grimes); 2 Lingo (F Ellwood); 3 Phantom (Guinan & Neenan)

IRC7 Race 4 1 Sprack (H English); 2 Purple Haze (A Dodd); 3 Cool Runnings Too (J Twomey)

Sigma 38 Race 4 1 Supernatural (Cahill); 2 Errislannan (P Kirwan); 3 Festina Lente (P Meakins)

Sigma 38 Race 5 1 Festina Lente (P Meakins); 2 Flying Formula (Hong Kong Bunch); 3 Errislannan Patrick Kirwan

Sigma 33 Race 4 1 Rupert (Lovegrove & Varian); 2 White Mischief (T Goodbody); 3 Squawk (C Porteous)

Sigma 33 Race 5 1 Honey of Bosham (J Platt); 2 Squawk (C Porteous); 3 White Mischief (T Goodbody)

Gentlemen No Spinaker Race 5 1 Cornovaille Magic; 2 (Cornouaille Nautique), 2 MGM Boats (R O’Leary); 3 Fastrack V (N De Q Colley)

ECHO Race 5 1 Sunsail 33; 2 Sunsail 4; 3 Sunsail 32. X332 Race 3 1 Yellow Rose (M J Ringers; 2 (Robin & Smith); 3 Peanut (J Butler)

X332 Race 4 1 Yellow Rose (M J Ringers), 2 Peanut (J Butler), 3 Xcentric (R Beale)

1720 Race 4 1 Wet N Black (P Reilly); 2 King Quick (G Scott); 3 Mr & Mrs (C Mitchell)

1720 Race 5 1 Twister (Smith & Saunders); 2 Antix (A O Leary); 3 King Quick (G Scott)

Hunter 707 Race 4 1 Double Trouble (H Morris); 2 Cacciatore (R Barnes); 3 Sparkle (P Curtis)

Laser SB3 Race 4 1 Laser Sailing (C Blackburn); 2 Stress Bunny (P Harrison); 3 Baby Blue (B Shelley)

Laser SB3 Race 5 1 Laser Sailing (C Blackburn 2); Baby Blue (B Shelley); 3 Bandit (Head & McAdoo)

Mixed Sports Boats Race 5 1 Gentelman’s Club (P Heys); 2 4 Walls 4 Sale (T Rayer); 3 Fools Gold III (C Greene)

IRC0C Race 3 1 Follow me (S Kotsiouba); 2 Exabyte 3 (S Frohlich); 3 Yeoman of Hamble (D Aisher)

IRC0C Race 4 1 Follow me (S Kotsiouba); 2 Exabyte 3 (S Frohlich); 3 Yeoman of Hamble (D Aisher)

Prima Race 3 1 Wight Link (B Archer); 2 Kylidh (G Spurr); 3 Bare Knuckles (R Gateshiul)

Prima Race 4 1 Another Nods (R Booth); 2 Bare Knuckles (R Gateshiul); 3 White Knuckles (M Hughes)

Impala Race 4 1 Sprack (H English); 2 Whistlin’ Dixie (T Keelan); 3 Running Wild (R Sullivan).