Crew member to be transferred to shore as soon as possible to receive medical attention 27/11/07

New York, one of the ten 68-foot yachts competing in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race, is preparing to carry out a medical evacuation of a 47-year-old crew member off the coast of South Africa.

Tony Peters, a paramedic from Hanworth, Berkshire in the UK, sustained a head injury when a large wave swept him across the cockpit on Monday, the second day of Race 4 from Durban to Fremantle. Tony remained conscious throughout the incident and is in a stable and comfortable condition onboard.

New York Skipper Duggie Gillespie reported the incident to Falmouth Coastguard, who advised him that due to the nature of the injury the crew member should be transferred to shore as soon as possible to receive medical attention. The South African Navy strike craft Isaac Dyoba that led the formation ahead of the race start in Durban on Sunday has been tasked by the South African Coastguard to evacuate Tony from New York.

New York is currently heading back towards Durban and is expected to rendezvous with the Isaac Dyoba at approximately 1030 local time (0830 GMT). At 0830 local (0630 GMT) New York was 120 miles south east of Durban and at 0925 local (0725 GMT) the two vessels were approximately 30 miles apart. Upon arrival in Durban, Tony will be taken to a local hospital for treatment and he will be accompanied by a member of the Clipper Race Team.

Overnight, the South African Coastguard in Cape Town (SA MRCC) requested that the Belgian-flagged bulk carrier MINERAL LIBIN rendezvous with New York. This ship had a doctor onboard but transfer was not feasible in the sea conditions. After shadowing New York for several hours last night, the bulk carrier has been released ahead of the Isaac Dyoba’s arrival on the scene later this morning.